Cherry Willingham Parish Council has appointed a Task and Finish Group to put together a feasibility study for the provision of Allotments.  

The Group has identified 4 potential outcomes for the Parish Council to consider:-

  1. Utilise the Tanfaine field

  2. Utilise the current dog agility area at Cherry Fields with the option of extending further into the field to provide a second row of plots.

  3. Utilise the current OASIS area (if that should become available).

  4. Decide that it is not feasible to provide allotments.

None of the sites is immediately available and all will need some preparatory work. 

If sufficient residents ask for allotments the PC is bound by law to investigate how they can be provided. The PC would need to have a strong case for not providing them if there is a feasible and financially viable way of doing so.

Although many of those seeking allotments are keen to get started, as none of the sites is immediately available it does give the PC time to fully consider all options.

The Group believes that with regard to inclusivity the Council has an obligation to make every reasonable effort to include availability for all members of the Parish, regardless of their situation, race, religion, or disability.

If you are intersted in an allotment please contact the Parish Clerk.