Cherry Fields

In 2016 the Parish Council purchased three fields on behalf of the village to give residents access to green open space.  This was in response to the Cherry Willingham 2020 Community Led plan, published in 2013, in which residents expressed their aspirations for access to open space and woodland, a greater network of footpaths and cycle paths, and increased opportunities for leisure and recreational activities.  Since then, the development of two of the fields (Cherry Pastures and Cherry Holt – known collectively as Cherry Fields) has enabled the Parish Council to work on meeting many aspects of that vision.

Cherry Fields is located on the south side of Fiskerton Road opposite the junction with Laburnum Drive.  The facilities on Cherry Fields currently include:

MTB/BMX bike track -  The track includes jumps and berms but with a flatter alternative for those not ready to tackle the harder jumps and ride up the berms.  The track is in the lower field among the trees.  Note: it is strictly pedal power only, so sorry - no motor bikes. 

Path to the River Witham Bank -  This all-weather surfaced path allows not only walkers but wheelchair users, mobility scooters, pushchairs and pedal bikes to pass through the fields and on as far as the Delph that runs alongside the River Witham.   A bridge has been constructed across the Delph to allow access to the riverbank and the Viking way footpath that runs along it.  Users can walk along the Viking Way to either Fiskerton or Greetwell.  Note: once over the Delph bridge it's a scramble up the grassy bank to the bank top, so it's not feasible for wheelchairs or mobility scooters.  It is hoped one day to create steps and a ramp up the bank, but this will require permission from the Environment Agency first.    

Woodland Walk Path - This path runs amongst the trees planted on the eastern side of the fields.  It is ideal for walkers and those with dogs.  (Over 5000 trees and shrubs have been planted on Cherry Fields so far and there are plans for a further 5000 in the top field.)

Dog Walking and Dog Agility - The site is an ideal place to walk your dog, but they must be on a lead apart from when in two designated areas.  Dogs can be off lead but under close control in the Dog Agility Area in the top field and on the strip of land that connects the fields to the bridge over the Delph to the River Witham bank.  There are two dog bins for bagged dog poo near the main entrance gate on Fiskerton Road.

Picnic tables – These can be found near the “Lagoon Castle” and also by the pond near the bike track.

The OASIS - An area of the lower field has been leased to the OASIS, which is managed by Worth Unlimited (part of the Worth Foundation) with the aid of volunteers from the community. It is aimed at helping marginalised teenagers through Social and Therapeutic Horticultural Gardening to give them a better start in life.

See the Cherry Fields Facebook Page for news and pictures of recent activities