Information for an emergency in the village

In the case of snow fall the Parish Council will provide an emergency phone number to try and help any stranded parishioners who cannot get basic supplies.

01522 7753398 

Please leave a message.

 Information flow is two way from Surgery, shops, neighbours to Emergency Phone and down to the Village reps via the Parish Councillors. We need the village businesses and Eclesiastical Community to be a part of the process and  to join the Village Clubs as

  • Information points
  • Advisory points

 At the onset of an Emergency of any type the phone is passed to members of the Emergency Committee who will  use it as the main contact point for the control of an incident.

The Emergency Committee will contact all the members of the Parish Council by phone to be on alert and for them to contact the nominated club representative. With this system it should not be necessary to contact more than three other people cutting down on time wasted if only one person makes all the calls.

The village club or volunteer reps will then inform their members or contact list as appropriate. The best way to do this is by individual coverage of certain areas & a phone call to someone on their list able to get out to the shops or with a properly equipt vehicle 

Doctors Surgery/Pharmacy will deliver prescriptions on request but other volunteers will ensure that requests for bread & milk & urgent supplies are met if possible.   

Grit Bins
Please use supplies sparingly - salt is very effective used in small quantities and is only for use on roads & pavements and should not be spread on private drives.

Major Incident - On a local level we are limited in the help that we can give but we have four venues suitable for housing people if necessary, 2 x schools at each end of the village, library centre and village hall.    

Flooding – The Flood Warden is dealing with preparation for flooding.

Anyone wishing to help, please email the Parish Office

Our updated emergency plan will be posted soon.